Reclaiming the Center


ISBN: 9781581345681

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“When evangelicals confuse an improper passion for novelty witha proper pursuit of academic and pastoral relevance, the resultscan be distressing. I cannot express how grateful I am for thewell-formed wisdom with which this book points to the abiding anddecisive relevance for future route-finding of the old theologicalpaths.”
J. I. Packer, Professor, Regent College

“For those evangelicals who-like myself-are increasinglytroubled by extravagant claims made by various evangelical scholarsabout the nature of the ‘postmodern’ challenge, as well as byearnest calls to develop new epistemological and theologicalperspectives in response to this challenge, the writers of theseessays shed much light. This book is must-reading for everyone whowants to promote a clear-thinking evangelicalism for ourcontemporary context.”
Richard J. Mouw, President and Professor ofChristian Philosophy, Fuller Seminary

“Here is a collection of intelligent, provocative, gutsy essaysthat dare to fly into the eye of the scholarly storm overevangelical identity. Though different perspectives are presenteven here, the underlying thesis is clear and worth heeding: theeager, and sometimes uncritical, embrace of postmodernist paradigmsmay be as premature as it has proven to be unproductive for thewell-being of the evangelical church. One of the most importantbooks of the new century!”
Timothy George, Dean, Beeson Divinity School,Samford University

“Provocative, timely, and controversial!”
Donald G. Bloesch, Professor of TheologyEmeritus, Dubuque Theological Seminary

“Compromise and confusion stand at the center ofevangelicalism’s theological crisis, and a clear-headed andconvictional analysis of the problem has been desperately needed.Thankfully, Reclaiming the Center has arrived just in time. . . .My fervent hope is that it will open evangelical eyes, humbleevangelical hearts, and awaken this generation to the peril ofaccommodationism.”
R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, The SouthernBaptist Theological Seminary

“The authors of this well-designed volume provide a bold andwell-argued response to what is sometimes called ‘postconservativeevangelicalism.’ This important conversation regarding the essence,center, and boundaries of evangelicalism is here explored,interpreted, and assessed from a well-informed theological,philosophical, and historical perspective. . . . I heartily commendthis volume and trust it will find a large readership.”
David S. Dockery, President, Union University