Reborn to Be Wild


By: Underwood, Ed


ISBN: 9781434700179

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A long-time pastor ponders why the Jesus Movement stopped moving?and challenges all generations of believers to the radical commitment that fuels revival.

Long before becoming a pastor, Ed Underwood was a ?Jesus Freak??a young man transformed by the Jesus Movement in the 60s and 70s. He and his friends threw their hearts into a revival they thought would change the world. But somehow, the Jesus movement stopped moving. How did these radically committed young people morph into today?s tame, suburban evangelicals? That?s the question that sparked this passionate, provocative book, which aims at nothing less than fanning the flames of enduring revival today. Underwood draws on his personal revival experience and his study of the New Testament to expose six seductive lies that can easily sidetrack a movement and affirms five life-changing truths that can keep it going.