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By: Millar, Gary

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ISBN: 9781784986834

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A Simple Guide to Getting the Most from the Bible

The Bible is the most extraordinary book you’ll ever read; it’s how God speaks directly to us and how his Spirit works to change us.  But it can seem intimidating, confusing, and even a little bit boring.

In this book, Gary Millar shows you that the skills you need to read the Bible are not beyond your grasp.  In a warm, approachable style, he gives you the tools to read and understand the Bible for yourself, helping you move from confusion to confidence as you enjoy refreshment in God’s word.

Whether you are a new believer and don’t know where to start or you have been a Christian for a while but have never got into a regular habit of Bible reading, this book will equip you to get going.  As you read the Bible, you will hear God speak, and you will be changed to be more like Jesus.  Don’t miss out!

“I recently provided new believers with study Bibles filled with notes, maps, quotes, and explanations. Instead of finding it helpful, they were bewildered. If only I could have given them a copy of this excellent book. From now on I will definitely recommend that they read this first.”  ~  Alistair Begg

About the Author:  Gary Millar is the Principal of Queensland Theological College in Brisbane, Australia.  He teaches Old Testament, Biblical Theology, and Preaching.  Before taking up the post as Principal he was pastor for 17 years in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.  He is married to Fiona and they have 3 children.