Raising Kids in a You Can Do It World [eBook]


By: Tautges, Paul



ISBN: 9781912373659

The world teaches our kids that they are awesome and that they can achieve anything they want. As parents, this can seem an attractive message; we want our children to succeed, to be happy, and to have confidence. But as Christians we also want our children to grow up knowing and loving Jesus. It can be difficult to know how we can encourage and build up our children while also teaching them that they are sinners in need of grace.Paul Tautges, an experienced pastor and father, helps us navigate this “You can do it world” through 8 helpful signposts. With gentleness, plenty of practical advice and biblical wisdom, Paul explains how we can train our children in humility, helping them to see how awesome God is and how true self-confidence comes from finding their identity in Christ. Suggestions for prayer and questions to aid discussion with your children will help you to put the advice contained in this book into practice.