QuickVerse 2009 Std Edition [CD-Rom]


By: Quickverse


ISBN: 9781572644533

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Complete, Easy-To-Use Reference Library for Bible Study and Lesson Preparation

Product Information:

Incredible Value – 14 Bibles and over 90 Reference titles worth $1,700 if purchased separately! QuickVerse Standard 2009 delivers more productivity and entertainment with a whole new level of reliability! Now you can create, plan, and research Biblical information faster and easier than ever!QuickVerse Standard 2009 is the key to quick preparation of enlightening and insightful sermons. Imagine having access to the top commentaries, study notes, and church history compilations instantly. Easily add your own notes or comments as you study, then instantly copy the reference material and your notes to your Windows word processor. Or, you can simply search by topic, keyword, or book/chapter/verse and watch your sermon unfold before your eyes.Whether you are a casual reader or Bible scholar, QuickVerse gives you everything you need for captivating Bible study. Each feature has been carefully developed to be very sophisticated, yet easy to use. Whether you are studying Jesus’ life and teachings, or Moses’ journey though the desert, QuickVerse enables you to understand your scripture better than ever before!You don’t need to be a Bible scholar to produce magnificent lessons for your class or study group. Instead, wow them with colorful, imaginative presentations. with over 2,000 pictures and 50 color maps of the Holy Land to choose from, QuickVerse can help you bring your lesson to life. Don’t forget that QuickVerse also gives you instant access to more Bibles and reference works.Product Highlights

  • Create your own Books
  • Easy to use interface
  • Strong’s Greek/Hebrew support
  • QV Holy Land Photo Tour – Over 2,000 High Resolution Images
  • Highlighting and Bookmarks
  • Integrated Web Pages
  • Audio pronunciations
  • Advanced searching
  • New Features
  • Subject Search: Perform a topic or subject search and QuickVerse automatically expands all scripts



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