Putting Your Past in Its Place


By: Viars, Stephen


ISBN: 9780736927390

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Lives grind to a halt when people dont know how to relate to their past. Some believe the past is nothing and attempt to suppress the brokenness again and again. Others miss out on renewal and change by making the past more important than their present and future. Neither approach moves people toward healing or hope.

Pastor and biblical counselor Stephen Viars introduces a third way to view ones personal historyby exploring the role of the past as God intended. Using Scripture to lead readers forward, Viars provides practical measures to:

  • understand the important place the past is given in Scripture
  • replace guilt and despair with forgiveness and hope
  • turn failures into stepping stones for growth

This motivating, compassionate resource is for anyone ready to review and release the past so that God can transform their behaviors, relationships, and their ability to hope in a future.