Puritan Reformed Spirituality [HC]


By: Beeke, Joel


ISBN: 1892777304

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In these pages Dr Joel Beeke provides us with a first-class tour of some of the great sites of Reformed theology and spirituality. Here we meet John Calvin, reformer extraordinaire; then we encounter the learned Dr William Ames and the insightful Anthony Burgess.

Soon we have traveled north to meet the Scotsmen John Brown of Haddington, the great Thomas Boston and the remarkable brothers, Ebenezer and Ralph Erskine.

Predictably, but happily our guide brings us to The Netherlands and to the time of the Nadere Reformatie, before taking us back to the New World in the company of the remarkable Theodorus Jacobus Freylinghuysen.

But the climax of this tour is not reached until our trusted guide has brought us to the family roots from which all these theologians and pastors came — to the strong foundations of Christian living in justification by faith and sanctification in life, nourished by the power of biblical preaching. Puritan Reformed Spirituality is a tour de force! I hope it will be widely read and enjoyed. – Sincalir B. Ferguson

Table of Contents:

  1. Calvin on Piety
  2. Making Sense of Calvin’s Paradoxes on Assurance of Faith
  3. John Calvin: Teacher and Practitioner of Evangelism
  4. The Puritan Practice of Meditation
  5. The Didactic Use of the Law
  6. The Learned Dr. William Ames and The Marrow of Theology
  7. Evangelism Rooted in Scripture: The Puritan Example
  8. Anthony Burgess on Assurance
  9. The Life and Writings of John Brown of Haddington
  10. The Life and Theology of Thomas Boston
  11. The Lives of Ebenezer and Ralph Erskine: Dissenters with a Cause
  12. Ebenezer and Ralph Erskine: Preachers with a Message of Promise
  13. Assurance of Faith: A Comparison of English Puritanism and the Nadere Reformatie
  14. Willem Teellinck and The Path of True Godliness
  15. The Life and Theology of Herman Witsius
  16. Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen: Precursor of the Great Awakening
  17. Justification by Faith Alone: The Relation of Faith to Justification
  18. Cultivating Holiness
  19. The Lasting Power of Reformed Experiential Preaching




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