Proverbs (30 Day Devotional)


By: Miller, Vince

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ISBN: 9780830786220

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A Strong Man Is Wise

Based on Solomon’s writings in Proverbs, this actionable 30-day devotional for men gives you the skills you need for godly living in today’s challenging culture.

Every man wants to be strong and to be wise.  Why not grow in strength and wisdom through the teachings of one of the strongest and wisest men who ever lived?  Each short, hard-hitting devotion in Proverbs: A Strong Man Is Wise centers on a passage from the book of Proverbs and includes a reflection question, takeaway, and prayer.

Popular podcaster and author Vince Miller is known for his straightforward, biblically solid teaching. In this month-long devotional, Vince offers:

  • Practical advice based on Scripture for the most important issues men face today
  • Targeted words for the struggles men encounter as leaders, husbands, and fathers
  • Insight into relationships, decision-making, sexual temptation, spiritual maturity, and vocation

With space for note-taking and response, Proverbs: A Strong Man Is Wise provides the encouragement, challenge, and biblical foundation men need to grow in strength and wisdom as they live out the purpose God has for them.