Proven Methods of Making Money & Buildin


By: Boakye, Eric


ISBN: 9780620460378

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Make money and build wealth in South Africa – the book every South African should have!
Secrets of the rich revealed!

INVESTMENT. Do you . . .

• work hard to earn money but lack the knowledge of how to make your hard-earned cash work for you to ensure financial success?
• want to invest in South Africa as a foreigner or as a South African living outside the country?
• understand what your hard-earned cash is being invested in and what to benchmark your returns against?


• have great entrepreneurial ideas but lack the knowledge of how to implement them?
• know where to look for finance for your business?

EMPLOYMENT. Do you . . .

• have all the necessary facts and knowledge at hand when it comes to earning money in a profession or job?

GENERAL. Do you . . .

• have an understanding of the power of cash generating structures and how capital can best be created?
• know how cash generating structures can be used by the average person to grow and preserve even the smallest of capital?
• know how best to protect and distribute capital to legally pay limited amounts of tax and leave something for your heirs?

Proven Methods of Making Money & Building Wealth in South Africa is an eye-opening and must-read book written to enlighten you on the financial world in which we live and reveal the secrets of building wealth that are generally known only to the rich.

Written for both novices and the financially astute, the powerful strategies and sought-after insight offered by Eric and Augustina, who are well versed in the area of finance, could help you substantially change your financial destiny to ensure true and lasting financial success, supporting their long-term vision of helping to create a new generation of financially successful South Africans.





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