Priorities for the Church


By: Macloed, Donald


ISBN: 1857926935

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Rediscovering Leadership and Vision in the Church

Jesus promised that as long as the earth remains His Church will continue, and it’s a good job he did. When we survey the church and how it relates to the world, we have to wonder why he would bother!

The Church is not the building, nor is it the structure of government, it is a body of believers. Christians make up the Church and it is our responsibility to prayerfully think through how we can affect the situation, as sitting idly by is no longer an option.

As the church drifts along, splintered, distracted, all too willing to slip in theological moorings and often showing a remarkable lack of love, its influence on society dwindles – either becoming indistinguishable from the world or becoming so unrelated that is appears to be a relic of an entirely different era.

Donald Macleod brings his customary flourish to this most pressing topic. His seemingly effortless ability to communicate complicated issues ensures that the message he conveys is clear.





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