Presence, Power and Promise


By: Firth & Wegner (ed)


ISBN: 9781844745340

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From the first verses of Genesis, the Spirit of God makes a dramatic appearance in the Bible. Yet there is surprisingly little scholarly work on the Spirit in the Old Testament. On examination, what we find are similarities but also some significant differences in emphasis from the New Testament.

To unpack these emphases on creation, wisdom, prophecy, leadership, creativity and more, the editors of this volume have brought to the task a host of first-rate Old Testament scholars. Together they present a comprehensive examination of the issues facing interpreters and exegetes on the identity and activity of the Spirit in the Hebrew Bible.

This volume provides readers with an able guide to the interpretative background of ancient Near Eastern literature, the major themes and motifs, and particular texts and passages that contribute to an understanding of the Spirit in the Old Testament.

Contributors include:

  • Andrew Abernethy
  • Richard E. Averbeck
  • Daniel I. Block
  • Robert B. Chisholm
  • Rosalind Clarke
  • Daniel J. Estes
  • Jamie A. Grant
  • Richard S. Hess
  • Robert L. Hubbard
  • Tremper Longman III
  • Geert W. Lorein
  • Hilary Marlow
  • Eugene Merrill
  • Erika Moore
  • John Oswalt
  • Robin Routledge
  • Willem VanGemeren
  • John Walton
  • Lindsay Wilson




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