Precious Blood [eBook]


The Atoning Work of Christ

In this second volume of essays from the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, several noted preachers join editor Richard Phillips in exploring the doctrine of Christ’s atonement and its history in Christian thought.

At the very heart of Christian faith is the blood of Jesus. His sin-atoning death is the divine work on which the entire structure of salvation rests and the truth on which the Christian doctrine of salvation must be built. Yet recent years have seen a pastoral neglect of the cross and a doctrinal assault from the academy.

With these concerns in mind, R. C. Sproul, Philip Ryken, Joel Beeke, Derek Thomas, Carl Trueman, and Robert Godfrey have joined editor Richard Phillips in exploring the doctrine of Christ’s atonement. These noted pastors proclaim the (1) necessary, (2) redeeming, (3) cleansing, (4) atoning, (5) offensive, and (6) precious blood of our Savior in a series of essays that set the cross in its rightful place-at the forefront of salvation.


RICHARD D. PHILLIPS is senior minister of Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina. He chairs the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology and coedits the Reformed Expository Commentary. He has also written numerous books on the Bible, theology, and Christian living.


“I love the gospel, and I enjoy reflecting on it every day as part of my time with God. That’s why I find Precious Blood to be an exciting book. Its capable writers examine the gospel from a variety of perspectives, so that all believers will benefit. I highly commend this book.”
Jerry Bridges, author, The Pursuit of Holiness






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