Preaching that Persuades


By: Adams, Jay


ISBN: 9781889032559

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When you preach, one of the matters that should concern you is persuading your congregation to believe or to do what God requires. Have you seen genuine changes among your church members? If not, perhaps your preaching lacks that persuasive note that the apostle Paul and other New Testament preachers excelled in.

Well, here is the opportunity to shape up your messages so that you will begin to hear people say such things as: “Pastor, I never saw things that way before,” or “Pastor, I disagreed with the view you hold when I came today, but you’ve convinced me.”

While it is the Holy Spirit Who convinces people of biblical truth, He expects you to present His Words in the most effective way. Otherwise, you may dull or obscure the vital truth that He has given you to preach. If you want to learn how to proclaim God’s Word with all the persuasive power that it deserves, this may be the book you have been looking for.





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