Prayer Cards in a Tin (My Prayers)


By: Anon



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It is challenging to be steadfast in prayer when words seem insufficient.  The beautifully designed My Prayers Prayer Cards in a Tin is a selection of prayers compiled to support the woman who may be struggling to express herself to God.

The durable matte tin features a powdery white background printed with a red and pink watercoloured floral pattern.  It has a brass interior and edging around the lid and base, and a brass label holder displays a removable label in a beautiful scripted print.

Each card features a soft watermarked design, a theme titled prayer on one side, and a lined space to write your prayers or answered prayers on the other side.  Prayers are complied directly from Scripture and include prayers from prayer books and Christian authors.

  • Watercoloured red and pink floral design on white background
  • Metal tin with a tight-fitting lid
  • 50 double-sided cards
  • Lined space on the back of cards
  • Card size: 112 x 89 mm
  • Tin size: 132 x 104 x 61 mm