Pray Together Now


By: Randall-May, Cay


ISBN: 9781862044975

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As we approach the millennium, worldwide interest in prayer is rising. In this time of kaleidoscope values and monumental decisions, it provides a powerful solace to know that we can reach for higher guidance. People with similar needs tend to group together, and that is especially true of the need for prayer. Now, for the first time, direction is provided for those who wish the compatibility of others with like-minded spiritual values.

Pray Together Now follows in the ground breaking steps of Larry Dossey, M.D., who established the concept of individual and group prayer as a viable conduit for health and healing.

This non-denominational book examines well-established prayer groups from around the world. It discusses the history of these prayer groups and the people who participate in them, as well as their reasons for participation and some of their personal, life-changing stories. It also includes suggestions and guidelines for forming your own prayer group.

Pray Together Now includes the most detailed list of established prayer groups in the United States, Canada and Europe, including information about their histories, goals and approaches, as well as the classes, workshops and training they offer, and how to contact them. In addition, Pray Together Now includes the first reference guide to tremendously popular Internet prayer groups.