Practicing the Way [HC]


By: Comer, John Mark

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ISBN: 9780281086672

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Be with Jesus  Become like him  Do as he did 

We all have experienced unwanted parts of our spiritual journey: distance from God, gaps in our character, the fear that our lives will be trivial and empty…  Jesus is calling us into more.  Calling us to be shaped in his likeness.  To experience his abundance of life.

But how, practically, can we do that?  By becoming his apprentice.  By practicing the Way.

Outlining the timeless process of being with Jesus, becoming like him, and living as he did, bestselling author and pastoral voice John Mark Comer delineates God’s vision for the journey of our soul.

In this powerful and practical work, he defines his core philosophy of spiritual formation to help us form a “rule of life.”

Along the way, readers benefit from his rich cultural insight, deep biblical teaching, and honest and hopeful view of the potential of each human soul.

You feel like there’s more to life than this?  You’re right.  Now come discover just how much life awaits you.