Practical Theology


By: Osmer, Richard


ISBN: 9780802817655

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Every church congregation encounters challenging situations, some the same the world over, and others specific to each church. Richard Osmer here seeks to teach congregational leaders — including, but not limited to, clergy — the requisite knowledge and skills to meet such situations with sensitivity and creativity.

Osmer develops a framework for practical theological interpretation in congregations by focusing on four key questions: What is going on in a given context? Why is this going on? What ought to be going on? and How might the leader shape the context to better embody Christian witness and mission?

The book is unique in its attention to interdisciplinary issues and the ways that theological reflection is grounded in the spirituality of leaders. Useful, accessible, and lively — with lots of specific examples and case studies — Osmer?s Practical Theology effectively equips congregational leaders to guide their communities with theological integrity.