By: Tiplady, Richard (ed)



ISBN: 1842271652

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If Generation Xers do world mission their way, what would it look like? Are new strategies, structures and methodologies needed or can the existing structures be changed to allow the Xer world view to exist alongside others?

Looking at how the ‘Generation Xers’ view mission, this book provides ideas and models for systematic organizational culture change as we seek to do postmission by a postmodern generation. Contributions come from England, Ireland, New Zealand and the US.

So began the proposal for the Holy Island Roundtable, which resulted in a group of Generation X leaders in world mission meeting at Lindisfarne, Northumbria. This book is a summary of the issues raised there, and is written both for existing mission leaders, and those who wish to bring change within their mission organization as a response to culture change in the West. missions in the third millennium.





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