Posers, Fakers & Wannabees (DVD Kit)


By: Manning, Brennan


ISBN: 1576834654

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Unmasking the Real You 

To be God’s child, we’ve got to be real.  There’s no faking our way into heaven.  No hitchhiking or smuggling ourselves in either.  We can’t fool God.

The good thing is: the Father already knows us exactly as we are.  He knows how we think and act.  While it might be somewhat embarrassing at times, God’s complete knowledge actually gives us freedom to come to terms with everything in our lives: the good, bad, and unspeakable.

Posers, Fakers & Wannabees helps us see how God’s grace sets us free – free to be who we really are.  No more games, no acts, no masks.  Just ourselves, as we really are in Him.

Kit includes DVD, leader guide, and book.





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