A Pocket Guide to Logic & Faith


By: Lisle, Jason


ISBN: 9781600924231

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We all have questions. And Christians are commanded to always be ready to give a defense for their faith. This new Pocket Guide from Answers in Genesis is designed to help by effectively dealing with critical questions facing our culture today. Here you will find condensed, illustrated answers in a manageable format . . . so you can always be equipped with reliable answers. Have you ever heard an argument that just didn t seem right to you? Do you want to know how to recognize faulty arguments? Do you want to be equipped to defend your faith logically? In this Pocket Guide to Logic & Faith, Dr. Jason Lisle exposes logical fallacies that evolutionist often use to argue their case. The role of logic the study of correct reasoning is becoming a vanishing skill in our society. Here is a clear and concise guide to equip believers to refute evolutionary arguments, and to use sound reason and logic when defending their faith.