A Pocket Guide to Compromise


By: Ham, Ken

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ISBN: 9781600924224

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We all have questions. And Christians are commanded to always be ready to give a defense for their faith. This new Pocket Guide from Answers in Genesis is designed to help by effectively dealing with critical questions facing our culture today. Here you will find condensed, illustrated answers in a manageable format . . . so you can always be equipped with reliable answers. Is there a time gap between Genesis1:1 and 1:2? Were the days of creation really long ages? Can t we just add evolution to the Bible? What s so bad about believing in millions of years? These and other questions are answered in this Pocket Guide to Compromise. Many Christians try to add millions of years to the Bible in order to make it fit with modern geological theories, or try and look good in the eyes of the word. But Scripture is very clear that God s Word is the authority, and we must not change it to fit our own ideas. This pocket guide will enable believers to defend biblical creation, and refute the errors being taught in many churches and Bible schools today.