Picking Up the Pieces


By: Priolo, Lou

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ISBN: 9781596383807

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Relationships bring us the greatest joy in life . . . and the greatest pain. Lou Priolo has done a masterful job of applying God’s Word to the anger and agony that flow from broken relationships. He also shows us how to find healing and hope through Jesus Christ, so that we can go on to love others more deeply and freely than we ever imagined. — Ken Sande, President, Peacemaker Ministries

Do you know someone who has experienced the pain of a broken relationship? Is that person nursing loneliness and resentment instead of getting on with the rest of his or her life? Maybe that someone is you? If so, Lou Priolo’s book is full of practical, solidly biblical advise that will help you to move past the hurt to be the kind of person that God wants you to be. Losing that Lovin’ Feeling addresses topics like fear, loneliness, forgiveness, and self-pity. The author writes in an engaging style that blends just the right amount of humor with the unapologetic proclamation of God’s Word, I strongly recommend it. — James MacDonald, senior pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel

Picking Up the Pieces addresses a real counseling issue (the breakup of romantic relationships) in a remarkable way. In 31 short chapters (each designed to be read on a different day of the month) Lou Priolo helps hurting people learn to apply the Bible to the specific issues common to such breakups. Practical, devotional, and most of all biblical, copies of this book should be in every counselor’s toolbox. — Jay E. Adams, author, speaker, seminary professor

As the Biblical counseling movement continues its rapid growth in size and maturity, it is encouraging to see a growing library of practical counseling aids such as this. Lou Priolo has once again tackled a specific issue with insight and depth that can shave weeks off the time required for counseling the heart-broken person. If someone you love has abandoned you, you can find helpful Biblical suggestions for dealing with the anger, hurt, bitterness, and sense of loss in the studies Lou has provided. I suggest reading and digesting a chapter a day for 31 straight days of intensive self-confrontation. Do the assignments; make the commitment of time and energy. At the end of that time, you may find that you are well on your way toward healing. I suspect that many Biblical counselors will be assigning this book in the years ahead. — Ed Bulkley, president, International Association of Biblical Counselors