A Pastor in New York [HC]


By: Thornbury, John


ISBN: 9780852345122

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John Thornbury lives about ninety miles from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where nearly 150 years ago the decisive battle in the great struggle known as the Civil War was faught. Bronze statues stand there representing the brave men who faught, and in some cases, died for what they believed. This book gave the author an opportunity to rediscover and present to our generation the life of a wonderful man of God who lived through these troubled times and who has suffered an undeserved anonymity: Spencer Houghton Cone. This is a story about a marvellous conversion, overcoming hardships through faith, the power of preaching, and the influence of a godly life. This book is not fiction, it is sober history. It tells of what actually happened, true stories of courage and faith. Such should nourish your inner spirit.