By: Hardin, Brian


ISBN: 9780310329190

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How Reading the Bible in a Year Will Change Everything for You

Many Christians feel guilty when they think of reading the Bible.  Though they want to love reading Scripture, they rarely have time for more than a few verses on the run.  But the Bible is not meant to be a burden.  It is the story of God’s passionate love for His children.  It is also not a book of mystical incantations.  It is a best friend offering counsel and companionship.  And it is not a distant relic, but something very near.  Near enough, in fact, to be every reader’s story.

So how do Christians delight in this story rather than see it as a source of failure?  The founder of the immensely popular Daily Audio Bible, Brian Hardin shows readers how reading through the Bible in a year will change their life and the lives of others.  Passages shows readers how to read the Bible and offers practical ideas for immersing themselves in God’s life-giving words.  Here readers will discover that reading the Bible can be a breathtaking adventure.