Out of Formation


By: Gilley, Gary

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ISBN: 9781783970414

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Spiritual Disciplines of God and Men

Out of Formation deals with the re-introduction of ancient practices to the modern church.  The essence of the book is that God has ordained certain disciplines for our spiritual maturity but men have added their own, not unlike the Pharisees of Jesus day.  The believer needs to discern the difference and live according to God’s ordained means.  Ancient disciplines, most often practiced within the monastic movement in the early centuries of Christianity, have been dusted off, repacked, and resubmitted to believers as the means whereby spiritual growth is obtained.  There is increasing discussion about fasting, journaling, pilgrimage, simplicity, solitude, silence, contemplative prayer, and spiritual direction in Christian literature.

What can be learned from this renewed interest in spiritual formation, and what are the dangers?

  • Part One of this volume has been written to interact with the history, teachings and dangers of the Spiritual Formation Movement.
  • Part Two turns to the biblical alternatives for spiritual formation. It examines the means, or disciplines, which the Word of God clearly identify as ways God has designed for His people to be transformed into Christ-likeness, and to experience intimacy with Him.