Our Father’s World


By: Brown, Ed


ISBN: 9780998223339

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What does the environmental crisis have to do with the Great Commission? What does climate change have to do with Christian faith? For more than a decade Ed Brown, a leader in the evangelical creation care movement, has been helping Christians grapple with these questions. Our Father’s World, now updated and reissued, is his bold, passionate and practical call to action. Drawing on a wealth of theological knowledge and practical experience, Brown sets out to show how care for God’s creation is rooted in the Gospel and how environmental problems are sin problems. The author gives a sobering accounting of the environmental costs of our destruction of creation, from the cost of cleaning up after the local block party to the tragic global costs in lives and livelihoods. More importantly, he shows how the Gospel offers hope and guidance, and he proposes concrete steps for how students, families, mission agencies and churches can respond.

In this revised third edition Brown takes stock of what has changed since he first wrote more than a decade ago, offering valuable reflections on the state of the biblical creation care movement from one of its pioneers.