Operation China


By: Hattaway, Paul

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ISBN: 0953575756

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Operation China introduces the minority peoples of China, made up of 490 groups and more than 100 million members. These diverse cultures, from the blue-eyed Muslims of Xinjiang to the tribal people of the jungles of Yunnan, are presented using brilliantly colored photographs, anthropological and geographical data, maps, statistics and a prayer calendar. Operation China is indexed with an extensive bibliography of English and Chinese-language publications.

If you have used Operation World to pray for peoples in the world, and you have a heart for the Chinese people — you need to buy this book as it will help you to understand the urgency of reaching those people groups and again shows you the heart of God — as illustrated in Luke 15, that He would go for the 1 lost sheep and leave the 99 behind. God loves those minority in China as well… no matter how small a group they might be, they”re still the 1 lost sheep to Him and He will go search for them until they are found.

Hattaway, Paul





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