The One True Light


By: Chester, Tim


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ISBN: 9781910307991

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Daily Advent Readings from the Gospel of John

We may be familiar with the baby in the manger, but have you met the Word who was in the beginning with God?  Have you met the One True Light who is full of grace and truth?  Or the Cosmic Lord who won the right for people to become Children of God?  They are one and the same person.

Join Tim Chester as he guides us through the opening verses of the Gospel of John, and enjoy a Christmas infused with new meaning and light.

With ideas for reflection, prayer and application, these short, meditative readings will excite you about Jesus in the busyness of the run up to Christmas Day.

From the introduction…
“The build-up to Christmas is a busy time.  There are presents to buy, parties to attend, food to prepare, cards to send and relatives to visit.  So it’s easy to forget about Jesus, even at Christmas — especially at Christmas.  But the truth is that we’ll never enjoy Christmas properly unless we understand who it is who was born in Bethlehem that night.  Indeed, we won’t enjoy life to the full until we see God in a manger.”