One of Us Must Be Crazy…


By: Downs, Tim & Joy

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ISBN: 9780802414274

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and I’m Pretty Sure It’s You: Making Sense of the Differences That Divide Us

Sometimes a conflict is more than a simple disagreement, it’s a virtual clash of worldviews, and the disagreement appears impossible to resolve because it seems inconceivable to consider the issue from any perspective other than the one you know to be correct.  Thus, the title of the book… One of Us Must Be Crazy… and I’m Pretty Sure It’s You.

In this companion to Fight Fair! (a treatise on “winning at conflict without losing at love”), Tim and Joy Downs capture the heart of marital differences.  This time they concentrate less on how to fight fair, and more on making sense of the differences that divide us.  With marriages coming under attack from seemingly every angle these days, conflict is seen as grounds to end a marriage, rather than an opportunity to grow closer to each other and to God.  One of Us Must Be Crazy… and I’m Pretty Sure It’s You is a unique and manageable resource for equipping couples to learn the true nature of their conflicts and deal with them in a way that will actually help their marital fulfillment.

By interacting candidly and honestly with such issues as security, loyalty, responsibility, caring, order, openness, and connection, Tim and Joy Downs have created a resource that might simply make all the difference in your world.