One 2 One – Real Men


By: Laferton Carl

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ISBN: 9781908317605

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  • What does it mean to be a real man?
  • What difference will being a Christian make to my life?

This one2one Bible-study guide is designed to help a teenage guy and an older man explore together what it means to grow into genuine Christian maturity.

When Jesus Christ walked on earth, He called all sorts of men to follow Him—young and old, rich and poor, leaders and beggars. He invited them to come on an adventure which would turn their lives into an exciting challenge. And He’s still inviting men to do that today.

Through the 14 sessions in this step-by-step guide—seven done together, and seven on your own—you’ll discover from the book of Ephesians how to live as you were designed to.

You’ll be encouraged, inspired and challenged to think, speak and act as a real man… as a follower of Jesus.