On The Way 11-14s (Book 2)


By: TnT Ministries



ISBN: 1857927052

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On the Way has now extended to include the 11–14s age group. Six books take this older and more sophisticated age group through a variety of topics and studies. Challenging and intellectually stimulating this is the obvious ‘next stage’ for the 11– 14 year old class.

With less of a focus on craft there is now more focus on hard hitting issues with group discussion times. An excellent resource to help young people think for themselves in a Biblical way.

Book 1: Abraham; Jacob; The Messiah; Jesus said ‘I am’; Ruth.

Book 2: Rescue (Easter) Paul (Acts 9–16); Philippians; Paul (Acts 17–18); 1 Thessalonians; Suffering.

Book 3: Joseph; People in Prayer; The Saviour of the World (Christmas) Is God Fair? (Predestination); Learning from a Sermon; Sermon on the Mount.

Book 4: Psalms (Easter) Paul’s latter ministry; Colossians; Choose Life (Hell/Judgment); Kings.

Book 5: Bible Overview.

Book 6: A Selection of Psalms; The Normal Christian life; Revelation; Homosexuality; Dark Days of Judges.





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