On Global Wizardry


By: Jones, Peter

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ISBN: 9780974689517

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This edited compendium of a 2008 think tank contains the work of eighteen authors. Edited by Peter Jones, On Global Wizardry examines pagan spiritual techniques from Brazil, Canada, China, Africa, the US, and from the ancient Gnostics and Canaanites. These diverse practices are all tied to the same religion: One-ism – the worship of creation as a self-contained divine being. Christianity is the only other religion: Two-ism, which worships the Creator, Redeemer and Consummator, distinct from his creation, but reconciled to it through the cross of Jesus Christ. Even in the church, this essential distinction is not always understood. This book will train you to recognize pagan worship techniques found in films, books, magazines, therapeutic approaches or methods even your Christian friends or church leaders may suggest for getting close to God. When you’ve finished this book, you will better understand your culture, your faith and your God.