Notes on Matthew’s Gospel [HC]


By: Ryle, J C


ISBN: 9780946462773

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J.C. Ryle, the first Anglican bishop of Liverpool, was a prolific church leader and preacher during the 19th century. He had a knack for effectively communicating the deep truths of the Bible in a way that anyone could understand. Although he wrote extensively on many topics, none are as well-known and loved as his Expository Thoughts series.

Taking each of the Gospels in order, Ryle exposited every verse with penetrating insight and clear reasoning. Each volume in the four volume set includes the biblical text followed by a section of pastoral commentary.

For nearly 200 years pastors and laypeople alike have used Ryle’s Expository Thoughts for their ministry needs and personal spiritual growth. Grab your copy and start deepening your understanding of the Gospel of Matthew today!