No Ordinary Life


By: Bakker, Eddie

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ISBN: 9789079465606

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As a young man I had many ambitions. I was successful and deeply convinced that I would become very rich. This was my dream. I was sure it would become reality. My life, however, took a different turn to that which I expected.

The day came when I gave up my career as chartered accountant because God came into my life and He planned something completely different. A tremendous journey! It was no coincidence. God started to rearrange and fit the pieces of the puzzle. Pieces from the past, even 400 years ago, came together! What an encouragement that proved to be. Clearly, God is intensely involved in our lives. I was greatly astounded! Why are we so often satisfied with far less?

This book was written with you in mind. My story can encourage and help you in a practical way. God wants to fulfil our dreams – more than we think or imagine. It is my prayer that the great deeds God did in my life would inspire you to seek Him. I hope that you will discover the extraordinary life that He has prepared for you. It lies waiting before you!