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Setting the New International Version and the Amplified Bible together, this camel and burgundy Italian Duo-Tone™ Bible allows you to instantly compare today’s most popular modern-English Bible translation, the NIV, with the explanatory alternate readings of the Amplified Bible.

If your translation of choice is the New International Version (NIV), and you appreciate the wealth of amplifications and alternate renderings found in the Amplified® Bible, then the NIV and Amplified Side-by-Side Bible is for you. By putting them side-by-side, this Bible allows you to instantly compare these two Bible versions. The New International Version was created to bring you as close as you can get to the reading experience of the original audience, offering the best possible combination of authenticity and accessibility. The Amplified Bible also prioritizes authenticity but, to improve accessibility, it augments the text with a wealth of explanatory alternate readings and amplifications.

• The authenticity and accessibility of today’s most popular modern-English translation, the NIV. In every verse, the NIV seeks to offer the optimum combination of transparency to the original text and transparency to the original meaning.
• The helpful amplifications and alternate word and phrase renderings within the Amplified Bible.
• Double-column format
• Translation Prefaces
• Ribbon Marker
• 7.7-point type




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