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ISBN: 9780310743996

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The large-print type is easy on the eyes, and the NIrV Holy Bible, Large Print translation is easy to understand. Based on the bestselling NIV translation, the NIrV is written at a third-grade reading level, perfect for those learning to read. Color maps, a dictionary, and a reading plan of 150 famous Bibles stories are included to help increase understanding of the Scriptures.


  • Complete text of the Bible in the NIrV-the stepping stone to the NIV
  • Large 12-point text size for easy reading
  • Book introductions and outlines explaining the main themes of each book
  • Quick reference dictionary for unfamiliar words
  • Reading plan of 150 famous Bible stories
  • 8 pages of full-color maps for easy visualization of key Bible places
  • Durable and attractive Italian Duo-Tone binding



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