The New Spirit-Controlled Woman


By: LaHaye, Beverly


ISBN: 9780736915953

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The New Spirit-Controlled Woman shows readers that God loves them, that He has wonderful plans for them, and that He provides the power and drive needed to fulfill His will.

Exploring the basic temperaments (melancholy, sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic), Beverly helps women discover their strengths and weaknesses and reveals how the Holy Spirit maximizes and minimizes these to fulfill God’s purpose. Readers will discover how temperaments impact…

  • being single
  • being married
  • love life
  • communication
  • ministry

LaHaye’s classic book The Spirit-Controlled Woman has sold more than 810,000 copies! Updated and expanded, The New Spirit-Controlled Woman is sure to reach a new generation of readers with its timeless message of personal growth.





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