New Lion Handbook of Christian Beliefs


By: McGrath, Alister


ISBN: 9780745951577

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How have Christians come to believe what they do? Now more than ever, in an increasingly secularized generation, there is a need for clear explanation of the unique features of Christian belief. This well-established, highly-regarded Lion handbook has been fully revised, restructured, redesigned and rewritten by a new international team of contributors – with all these revisions carried out with the needs and interests of a new generation of readers in mind.

Key features of The New Lion Handbook: Christian Belief include:

  • Major chapters on Faith, God, Jesus, Salvation, the Church and Christian Hope
  • Over sixty panels on subjects from the origins of the creeds to postmodernity
  • Expert authorship writing at an accessible level
  • Takes account of the differences in Christian belief across traditions
  • Over one hundred full-colour illustrations