Mysticisms East and West


By: Partridge & Gabriel (ed)



ISBN: 1842270923

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Evangelical scholars interact with the worldwide phenomenon of mystical experience across the world religions. STUDIES IN RELIGION AND CULTURE SERIES PREFACE ‘This major series invites scholars to provide sensitive, emphatic, reliable and accessible studies that will advance thinking about important subjects such as fundamentalism, mysticism, globalization, postmodernism, secularization…the series will be of interest to all those concerned with contemporary religion and culture.’ (From the Series Preface) Mysticism is proving to be the chosen type of religion for future generations of believers in the West. As traditional institutional religion continues to decline, mystical thought is celebrated as a vital, subversive alternative. Evidence for this religio-cultural shift towards the mystical, the experiential and indeed the creation-centred can be found in bookshops. Whilst this shift is not new, an increasing number of westerners are turning East because they find the fundamentally mystical thought of Asian religious traditions appealing. Mysticisms East and West examines the worldwide phenomenon of mystical experience across the world religions.In examining both Christian and non-Christian expressions of mysticism, this unique volume brings together a number of prominent evangelical scholars to analyse the central historical, cultural and theological issues. Beginning in the East, these studies in mystical experience gradually move to the West and to Christian mysticism before concluding with a number of philosophically reflective essays examining the implications and nature of mysticism.





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