The Model Marriage (Marriage Series)


By: Smalley, Gary & Greg


ISBN: 9780764216848

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The More You Give in Love . . . The More You Live in Love

Jesus modeled real love for His people on earth, leaving an example of self-sacrifice like none other.

In The Model Marriage, consider the roles of courage, strength, and nobility in a healthy marriage; uncover the mysterious power in that sticky word: submission; learn what it means to display a selfless spirit in marriage; and understand why you are called to love like Jesus in your relationship with each other. This study contains four sessions, each with four main components:

Tilling the Ground
Planting the Seed
Watering the Hope
Harvesting the Fruit

Marriage is about discovering that deep joy comes from following Jesus’ example of loving another . . . with a sacrificial love.

“We often hear that the institution of marriage is suffering. But there is good news, too! By submitting their relationships to God and seeking out the right resources, married couples can know what it means to truly thrive. That’s what Focus on the Family’s Marriage Series is all about. Whether you’re in a small group, a mentoring relationship, or you just want to study as a couple, this series can transform your marriage for the better.”–Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

“Marriage is an amazing adventure–filled with excitement, joy, and challenges. Focus on the Family’s Marriage Series examines God’s gift of marriage in all of its wonderful dimensions. I consider it a privilege to be involved with this important set of relationship-strengthening resources.”–Dr. Greg Smalley, Vice President, Family Ministries, Focus on the Family