Mission Implausible


By: MacLaren, Duncan

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ISBN: 1842272950

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  • It is commonly agreed that the churches of Europe are in crisis but why?
  • How can we explain their dramatic decline over the past four decades?
  • In particular why do contemporary people struggle to believe?
  • And how might the churches address the crisis of credibility?
  • Are there already signs of hope?
  • And what can tenacious forms of religion teach the churches as they go about their task of mission?

Mission Implausible tackles these questions using the tools of sociological analysis. It argues that much of the blame for church decline is misplaced and that a broader explanation is required which sets the current crisis within a historical and sociological perspective.

Written for church leaders theologians students of theology and sociology and all those concerned with Christian mission Mission Implausible explores a range of strategies aimed at rebuilding a social climate favorable to Christian belief.





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