Miracles from Mayhem (May Nicholson)


By: Howat, Irene


ISBN: 9781857928976

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May Nicholson was a notorious fighting drunk in Ferguslie Park, Paisley until her conversion when she was 34. The last 22 years have been spend tirelessly working for the Lord as an outreach worker in Ferguslie Park, Church of Scotland Project Worker in Mid Craigie (a deprived area of Dundee) and now in Govan where she founded the Preshal (Gaelic for precious) Trust.

May’s biography reads as though she is telling her story and is interspersed by accounts and comments from other people. Her story is so incredible that it needs other people to verify what she says; one of May’s doctors, a minister, those who come to the Preshal Trust and The Duchess of Montrose all help to tell this compelling story.





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