The Ministry of the Missional Church


By: Van Gelder, Craig



ISBN: 9780801091391

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A Community Led by the Spirit

In a time when churches are focusing on finding strategies and techniques to guarantee success, a movement toward the missional church is emerging.  Missional churches are communities created by the Spirit with a unique nature and identity.  Purpose and strategies of the church are derivative dimensions, the activities that flow naturally from the church that is focused on Spirit-led ministry.

The Ministry of the Missional Church leads pastors, ministry leaders, and laypersons through three simple arguments – the church is; the church does what it is; the church organizes what it does – in order to make sense of how missional churches work.  And by focusing the work of the church as the work of the Triune God, this unique book will change the way readers think about the church and the world.





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