By: Greene & Robinson


ISBN: 9781842275061

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The core narrative of Christianity, the book that conveys it (the Bible) and the institution of the church have been marginalised by the development of modernity and post-modernity. Strangely, post-modernity created an opportunity for religious thinking and experience to re-enter many lives.

Yet post-modernity is not an adequate framework for thinking about life. There is therefore an opportunity for Christians to imagine what comes after and to prepare the church for a new engagement of mission with western culture.

The church, through a creative missionary imagination, can re-define western cultural life. This sketches what such an approach might look like.

‘if you have a taste for the subversive, a passion for the church, a heart for biblical engagement, and an eye on the future; this book is a must-read.’

Roy Searle, Northumbria Community, former President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.