Message of Paul: Who We Really Are [eBook]


By: LifeWay Adults

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ISBN: 9781430031598

his hard-hitting 13-session Bible Study, Who We Really Are from the Message of Paul Series, will provide opportunities to explore the thought-provoking letters of Paul. The 7 books focus on diving into the realities of being a believer. Your group will engage in energetic dialogue as they deliberate on the dangerous, yet life-enhancing challenges Paul encountered and gave us wise counsel on.

Sin is not an enjoyable topic of conversation for most. It is avoided because the issue of sin can create a cutting conversational edge, that slashes through the outer layer of surface discussions and lands at the core of the heart. Why is it so difficult to discuss our own wrongdoing? Because we forget to tie forgiveness and wholeness to it. Studying Who We Really Are with your group will connect the too often disconnected topics of sin and salvation.






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