Matthew (Daily Devotional)


By: Searles, Matt


ISBN: 9781912373475

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When we first become Christians, we see just how amazing Jesus is for the first time. His character and his work on the cross captivate us, and we are keen to get stuck into the Christian life. Then, imperceptibly, our love for him can wane; we might lower our gaze; we can fall out of love with the one who so loves us.  We often don’t notice the gradual cooling of our once warm hearts. The cure is, of course, to lift our eyes to Jesus again.

In these undated devotions, Matt Searles encourages us to read through Matthew’s gospel reflectively. He asks us to consider whether the Jesus Matthew portrays is the Jesus in whom we believe. With a pastor’s heart, Matt draws out points from Matthew’s gospel to encourage and challenge us to see Jesus afresh. He shows us how Matthew puts Jesus front and centre of his gospel and how Jesus fulfils Old Testament prophecy. Matt also encourages us to apply Jesus’ teaching to our lives through helpful questions for reflection.