Mastering Monday


By: Beckett, John


ISBN: 9781844741595

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Experiencing God’s Kingdom In The Workplace 

Christians can keep their church and working lives in separate compartments. They may want and even try to live for Christ in the office, factory or school, but somehow what they learn on a Sunday seems not to bear on what they are doing on Monday.

Is being a Christian at work any more than not swearing or stealing paper clips? This book is a bold call to transform the workplace into a place where the kingdom of God is experienced. Beckett recounts some of the struggles he has encountered during his long career in business and management, and how they have enhanced his understanding of his faith and work. He introduces several biblical characters as role models for living out faith in the workplace, and focuses on five themes where biblical truths and business realities intersect. He weaves three principles into his workplace agenda: a personal relationship with the Lord, a closer alignment of faith and work, and the multi-faceted expression of God’s kingdom.

Throughout the book, the author grounds these ideas in Scripture and applies them in practical ways to the working lives of his readers.





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