Mark: The Suffering Servant [eBook]


By: McQuoid, Jeremy

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ISBN: 9781906173791

The Gospel of Mark is a fascinating book! It was written to a group of suffering Christians who were facing execution, and had no time for theological intricacies, Mark cuts to the chase and provides them with a jargon-free summary of the gospel story. Who is Jesus, and why is He worth dying for? Mark even does away with any reference to Jesus’ birth, so he can focus on the most essential stories that convey the meaning and power of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. With one third of the gospel is devoted to the week of Jesus’ death, Mark’s message is clear – the all-conquering Son of God is also God’s ‘suffering servant’. The true meaning of His life revolves around a cross, three hours of darkness and an empty tomb.  In forty-five days, you’ll be guided through the wonderful good news by well-loved Bible teacher, Jeremy McQuoid. There are comments for each day’s portion and Jeremy finishes off each reading with some questions for private reflection.