A Man’s Guide to Work


By: Morley, Patrick

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ISBN: 9780802475558

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12 Ways to Honor God on the Job

We were created to work, and feel most happy, most alive, and most useful doing the work we were created to do.  The act of productivity is its own reward.

Half a man’s life is bound up in his work, but few men ever learn a biblical framework, or “theology of work”, to help think correctly about all those hours, weeks and years they invest in their job.  Patrick Morley, author of The Man in the Mirror knows that men everywhere want their lives to count, to make a real difference.  He has written a book for men in the workforce who want to integrate their faith and work.  Whether a businessman, construction worker, salesman, lawyer, accountant, or plumber, men will be introduced to principles which provide a better understanding of themselves and how to be most effective and valuable in their chosen career.

A Man’s Guide to Work helps train men for the marketplace.  It helps them figure out how their relationship with God should influence their work and relationships with colleagues.    Ultimately it shows men how to experience the power of God in their work, to bring about social transformation through their work and how to make their work life count for the glory of God!