Luke (Vol 2) (Read Mark Learn)


By: Taylor, William


ISBN: 9781527102095

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Read / Mark / Learn is a small group Bible study series that is designed to equip people to study God?s Word for themselves.

This second volume of studies in Luke continues on from the first volume, starting at chapter 9 verse 51, and follows as Jesus turns His attention towards Jerusalem and the cross. These 26 studies are split into 5 sections: Proclaiming the Saviour?s Kingdom, The Growth of the Saviour?s Kingdom, The Number of the Saviour?s People, The Coming of the Saviour?s Kingdom, and Salvation Accomplished. Each study establishes the context, aim, structure and lessons of the passage and shows links with the Old Testament and practical applications and suggestions. There are conversational discussion starters and suggested questions for leading a Bible study.